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Major benefactors

Alan Bauer
The David and Jamie Cummings Family
The Hellman Family Foundation
Anonymous donors


Aidan Products, LLC
Christopher Ruddy
The Harnisch Family Foundation
James and Angela Thompson Foundation
Maurice Lacroix
Milonja Bjelic
Ron Unz
Ryan and Lisa McCorvie
Two Sigma Investments, LLC
Anonymous donors

Leading donors

Advanced Risk Sciences, Tel Aviv
Arlene and Arnold Goldstein Family Foundation
Bohemian Foundation
The Boris and Inara Teterev Foundation
Charles R. Morcom
Elmira Choopani & Khanh Vu
Elon Musk
Jeffrey Levy-Hinte
J. Willis Jarvis
Marc Cenedella,
Mark Heising and Liz Simons
Michael & Xochi Birch
Nora Roberts Foundation
Pata Industrial Co. Ltd.
Sandy and Linda Gallanter
Mr. Sony Mordechai, Global Eye Investments
Tyko Strassen
Anonymous donors

Sustaining donors

Adam Fila
Alex Dingle
Alex Poon
Anna Scott
Autumn & Devrim
Bajamonte Giacomo
Bernhard Friess
Bill Edwards and Ron Bailey
BOKE (Proofreader77)
Brian McInnis
Brian White
Dalibor Antonic
Deanne Weir, Sydney, Australia
Diana Pirri
Diane & Michael Culbert
Don Husby
Don and Jill Knuth
Douglas Ferguson
Douglas Tilden
Franz Heinsen
Fred Hipp
Gabe Newell
Heather Bendler
Hodson and Ludmila Thornber
In honor of Victoria Anne Meszaros
In memory of Seymour Durst
Jacob Albrecht
Jacob Malmberg
Jeffrey Lamkin
Jeffrey N. Dauber
Jhilmil & Punchhi Pandit
John G. Dove, Arlington, Massachusetts
Joichi Ito

Jonathan Laventhol
Joseph Willis
Julien Basch
Laurence G. Allen, NYPPEX Holdings
Linda Lee
Luke Skywalker
Manoj Padki and Manisha Kher
Marc Forand
Marcus Wittke
Mark E. Merritt and Lorena Barrientos
Nicole Lieger
Philip Ardery
Reese Schonfeld
Roland Digital Group Africa
Scandinavian software engineer
Stephen Marcus
Steve Kass
Susan Woodward
Tetsuya Isozaki
Tetsuya Nagase
Thomas Edward Myers
Thomas Ruth
Travis and Donna Knight
Wayne B. Hayes
Wikimedia Conference Japan 2009
Wikimedia Foundation Staff
William Benter
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