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"Wikipedia works because there's this unspoken light inside all of us that comes from the desire to help educate, to help share knowledge." —Susan Hewitt, Wikipedia Editor

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If you are an editor on any of the Wikimedia projects, or you help Wikimedia in some other way, please explicitly say that in your cover letter, and please include your username. Wikimedia experience is a definite plus when you're applying for a job with us.

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Wikimedia Community Fellowships

Wikimedia Fellows spearhead community projects, undertake research, and focus on other time-limited activities that require financial and logistical support to help scale and increase sustainability of the work of volunteers in the Wikimedia movement. Submissions for Spring 2012 fellowships are encouraged to focus on the theme of improving editor retention and increasing participation in Wikimedia Projects.



Wikimedia engineering refers to the engineering team employed by the Wikimedia Foundation. Its mission is to build, improve and maintain the technical infrastructure of Wikimedia projects (software and hardware), by supporting and complementing volunteer efforts. You can be involved:

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