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Job openings/Data Analytics Manager

This job opening has been closed. If you'd like to work with us, please see our current job openings.

Position purpose

Data Analytics, Manager will be an integral member of the Global Development team supporting them to make data driven program decisions. On a day-to-day basis, he/she will create, mine and analyze data to help understand readers and editors of different Wikimedia projects, especially Wikipedia, across different geographies. Based on the analytic data, the candidate will have to create engaging reports, visualizations, charts, graphs, maps and tables that will be designed concisely, clearly and meaningfully convey information for a lay audience, Wikimedia community and the foundation.

Position summary

  • Collect, normalize and analyze critical performance metrics for Global Development activities (e.g., page views and edits by key geographies, editor trends over time).
  • Build a highly organized and accessible system to maintain data and results that can be shared within the foundation and Wikimedia community.
  • Work closely with technology and product management team to establish procedures for capturing & maintaining data; recommend new methods for collection and documentation of data.
  • Coordinate and participate in the preparation and presentation of reports, visualizations and analysis, capture progress, trends, and appropriate recommendations or conclusions.
  • Provide independent thinking, creativity in analyzing data and presenting it with compelling visuals.
  • Write reports on analysis findings and prepare presentations for WMF staff, Wikimedia community and, where appropriate, external conferences.
  • Other duties as required.

Candidate skill requirements

  • BS/MS in computer science and/or mathematics, statistics or equivalent experience.
  • 2+ years of experience in a Linux/Unix server environment.
  • 2+ years experience with scripting languages, such as PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python or shell scripting.
  • Proficiency with database storage systems, ability to perform SQL queries on a database.
  • Should have an advanced understanding of statistics and experience with using statistical software like SPSS, STATA or R. Strong ability to analyze and synthesize quantitative data from primary and secondary sources, and proven ability to create simple, meaningful reports.
  • Provide thought-leadership on critical areas for understanding across the Global Development portfolio; in addition to work to support others, should have your own research agenda that advances the Global Development team's work and the WMF's as a whole.
  • Must be able to plan and manage work activities effectively and always meet deadlines.
  • Be an advocate for open and free sharing (in a manner that is consistent with Wikimedia's privacy policies) of data and research.
  • Previous experience with analytic software is a plus.
  • Experience with Flot, jqPlot or other open source charting software is a major plus
  • Experience with high traffic web site architectures and participatory production environments and operations is a plus.
  • Experience with Wikipedia and/or Wikimedia or wiki platforms is a major plus.
  • Demonstrated ability to turn data into actionable insights for WMF executives.

Candidate characteristics

  • A wealth of energy, drive and commitment to Wikimedia's mission: a deep belief in the value of Wikimedia, the ability to exude enthusiasm for Wikimedia's mission and powerfully embody and communicate Wikimedia's mission and a strong passion specifically for the growth of Wikimedia's movement in the Global South.
  • Intellectual curiosity and flexibility: joy in tackling difficult or ambiguous problems, the ability to incorporate new knowledge into approaches to situations to generate solutions and a love of learning from others and expanding intellectual horizons.
  • Strong cultural competency: the ability to work across cultures and embrace geographic differences to navigate in a truly global movement.
  • Openness and transparency: comfort working in a highly transparent environment, openness to input and feedback, a proactive and candid communication style and a desire to communicate what one is doing without hesitating to bring in others if help is needed.
  • Data-driven attitude: insistence on subjecting one's own approaches and activities, as well as those of the team, to rigorous analysis, and a willingness to stop doing what is proven to be ineffective.
  • Rigorous, attention to detail: High attention to detail, and should rigorously check his/her work to provide consistent and reliable metrics.

Apply for this position

Please include a cover letter to your application. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we regret that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Local San Francisco, CA candidates are preferred though remote candidates may be considered.

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