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* [[w:en:user:zanimum|Nicholas Moreau]], Toronto ON (English)
: nicholasmoreau@gmail.com
* [[m:User:Amgine|Wayne Saewyc]], Vancouver, BC (English)
: [mailto:Amgine.Saewyc@gmail.com Amgine.Saewyc@gmail.com]
=== Europe ===
=== Europe ===

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Press releases

see also the other press releases on Meta


Subscribe to the Wikimedia press release mailing list.

Press contacts

You can contact Wikipedia founder Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales directly:

  • by email - jwales (at) wikimedia.org
  • by phone - contact Danny Wool at 727-231-0101.
"My travel schedule is here. I am eager to meet journalists everywhere I go. Even if I am out of the U.S. do not assume you can't reach me -- I try to stay in constant contact with email and/or phone to Danny. I speak only English, but if you want to do an email interview in some other language, we can easily find someone to assist us." -- Jimmy Wales

General press inquiries may be sent to press@wikimedia.org.



Email: abeesley@wikimedia.org
Phone: +61 (0)3 9018 7308

The Americas

United States

mindspillage (at) gmail (dot) com
mapellegrini (at) comcast (dot) net
metasj (at) gmail (dot) com





walter (at) wikipedia (dot) be


fdevouard (at) wikimedia (dot) org
nicolas.weeger (at) wikimedia (dot) fr

Germany, Switzerland and Austria See Presse

  • Kurt Jansson, Berlin
kurt.jansson (at) wikimedia (dot) de
  • Arne Klempert, near Frankfurt
arne.klempert (at) wikimedia (dot) de


ubifrieda (at) gmail (dot) com

Norway See Presse

chris.nyborg (at) online (dot) no

Sweden See Press och media

  • Mats Halldin
Email: matshalldin**at**gmail**dot**com
Phone: (+46)-08-843794 or (+46)-0733-555274


Email: wp@davidgerard.co.uk
Phone: 07733 223 584 or (+44) 7733 223 584
Is also a press contact for Wikimedia UK