Last modified on 11 July 2014, at 19:05

Template:Social bookmarks

  • clear = unless set to no, the template will start with {{clear}}
  • width = the css width of the box, defaults to auto
  • link = the page to link to
  • bitly = the shortened URL version of the donation page link used with Twitter,, and Hyves
  • long-message = the long message (around 140 characters) used for Twitter,, Hyves
  • donate = the short, concise title ("I just donated to Wikipedia!") for other social networks
  • title = the title of this box ("Share this:"), automatically bolded
  • iconsize = size of the icons
  • facebook, digg, delicious, reddit, stumble, technorati, twitter, identica, hyves = the text shown when you over the logo or when the image is not displayed ("Share on X")