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Anasuya Sengupta
Director of Global Learning and Grantmaking, Wikimedia Foundation
Who will read it? Who will live forever in this world? --Murasaki Shikibu
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About me

As an activist from India, I have worked nationally, regionally, and internationally, to support and strengthen women's human rights and social justice movements, and to amplify voices from the global South. Most recently, I was the Regional Program Director for Asia and Oceania, at the Global Fund for Women, one of the world's largest grant-making organisations exclusively for women's human rights. In the past, I have led initiatives challenging violence against women and children, combating religious and cultural fundamentalisms, and supporting sexual and reproductive rights and women's health.

My attempts to combine activism and academia include the Association of Women's Rights in Development (AWID) publication - Defending Our Dreams: global feminist voices for a new generation (AWID and Zed Books, 2006) - arguably the first international anthology of young feminist analyses and experience.

My work

I joined the Wikimedia Foundation in July 2012. As the first Director of Global Learning and Grantmaking, I lead the staff support team for the newly constituted Funds Dissemination Committee. I am also responsible for ensuring strong evaluation frameworks for the Global Development team's programmatic work, and learning from best practices across the Wikimedia movement.
Disclaimer: Although I work for the Wikimedia Foundation, contributions under this account do not necessarily represent the actions or views of the Foundation unless expressly stated otherwise. For example, edits to articles or uploads of other media are done in my individual, personal capacity unless otherwise stated.

Contact me

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