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Contact people

Unless otherwise noted, these people can be contacted through flastname@wikimedia.org.
Translations, other language pages


See Wikimedia:To-do#Fundraising-related.


Publishing instructions

It's best to use tabs for this.
  1. Open the English source (for example: core messages)
  2. Open the translation in a tab next to the English pages.
  3. Open up all the pages using the links below, they'll auto-fill the English source (or last year's translation for the footer) and open up the "destination".
  4. Fill in the pages with the translations, for the most part they're in the proper sections. However...
    • "Ways to Give" (other-ways-link) and "Help protect it, now." (story-text-link) are two that are in "Other lines to translate"
    • non-profit-text, give-to-chapter-text, and validation-error-minimum should be in last year's page if it exists (Donate/Now/xx)
    • If we don't have a translation for something, leave it in English. There will be another request soon for the missing pieces.
  5. Some specific "localizations" to keep in mind.
    • Links to FAQ/en, Chapters/en, Donate/Donor Privacy, Ways to Give/en, Stories2/en, etc. should link to the English pages.
    • Links to Special:ContributionHistory and DonateNonJS/en should link to translated pages (just add the language code for the special page; change DonateNonJS to Donate/Now/xx)
    • Currency should use something fitting for the language. Check Wikipedia to see what countries the language is common in and see if we support an applicable currency. If not, leave it in USD. If you notice that the country is on the poorer side, lower the default USD currencies.
  6. CentralNotices. There are a lot.
    • Be sure to change "Wikipedia" in the local language to {{SITENAME}}. If it looks too complicated for you (weird script, seems like the letters at the end are different, etc.), leave a message for Casey.
    • Lowercase the words... make your best judgement by looking at what they do with "Wikipedia Forever" in Phase 3. Don't capitalize them by hand, use {{subst:lc:}} – a character may look like a Latin one, but actually be something different.
  7. Smile at your work, then move on to the next language.

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