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These are officially trademarked images belonging to the Wikimedia Foundation. They may only be used by approved Wikimedia Foundation partners or chapter organizations, or throughout the Wikimedia Foundation projects. Mirrors of these images may also exist on the Wikimedia Commons, the media repository for the Wikimedia projects. There is a trademark policy set by the Board to regulate their use.

The visual identity guide provides best practices, color tables, and important rules that dictate the use of each of our official marks.

  • If you have any questions about use of the marks, contact
  • If you seek permission to use any of these marks in a publication or other situation, contact

You can also read up on the background and history of the marks.

Wherever possible, the images are saved in SVG format to ensure proper scaling and for the highest quality. In some cases marks are created in PNG format.

To save each image: click on the file name to view the image, then save. Alternatively right-click on the link and 'Save as' to a local folder.

The Wikipedia puzzle globe and wordmark

The official English Wikipedia puzzle globe and wordmark

The Wikipedia puzzle globe and wordmark is localized into hundreds of languages. For a full list of local language versions, in PNG and SVG formats, visit:

Wikipedia puzzle globe

The completed puzzle globe.

The stylized 'W' of Wikipedia

Stylized Wikipedia 'W.'

The Wikipedia affiliate mark

Wikipedia affiliate mark

Wikimedia Foundation mark

Wikimedia Foundation mark.

For a full list of localized Wikimedia Chapter marks visit:

Other project marks

Alternate language versions of the Wikimedia project marks can be found here.