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Kiwix is connecting the unconnected

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In Eritrea or Cuba, people routinely buy Wikipedia for one dollar.[1] Wait, what? Isn’t Wikipedia free? Of course it is—Wikipedia, in fact, is entirely free and very easy to reach if you are not one of four billion people who still do not have internet connectivity. If you are, however, having problems to access your….

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Wikimedia Foundation and Kiwix partner to grow offline access to Wikipedia

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The Wikimedia Foundation has announced a partnership with Kiwix, the free and open-source software solution that enables offline access to educational content, to expand and improve access to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects globally. This partnership will include a $275,000 contribution to Kiwix to further enhance offline access to Wikipedia in parts of the world….

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The future of offline access to Wikipedia: The Kiwix example

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A chat with a developer of Kiwix, an open source software which allows users to download web content for offline reading, and the future of offline access to Wikipedia.

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Meeting people where they are

Recycling old TVs to bring Wikipedia offline in the Andes Mountains The Wikimedia Foundation is committed to eliminating knowledge access barriers. For much of the world, this is a very real and daily problem. The 2019 International Telecommunication Union report for digital development estimates that 4 out of 5 people living in less developed countries….

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Spotlighting knowledge equity among the newest twenty community-led Project Grants

Community Grantmaking

The Wikimedia Foundation and the Project Grants Committee are excited to announce the newest successful grantees from the Project Grants program. Project Grants provide community members with funds to pursue their ideas for improving Wikimedia projects.  These grants support individuals, groups and organizations in implementing both new experiments and proven ideas.  Projects vary widely in….

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To bridge Peru’s digital divide, these researchers are taking Wikipedia offline

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For many years, the Wikimedia Foundation’s vision statement has asked us to imagine how the world would be changed if every single person on Earth had access to the “sum of all knowledge”—but because Wikipedia is a web project, only those with internet access could reach that knowledge. That’s left billions behind. Anne Nelson, who….

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We’re building a future of free knowledge. Donate and join us today.


Today, Giving Tuesday, the Wikimedia Foundation begins its annual banner campaign on the English Wikipedia, inviting anyone who values Wikipedia to join us on our journey and support  its continued growth and evolution as the world’s free knowledge resource. Banners will appear on the English Wikipedia asking our readers to consider contributing to the site….

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Wikimedia Foundation collaborates with two initiatives: Mozilla’s OSSN and TeachingOpenSource’s POSSE

Foundation Technology

We’re always looking for ways to strengthen the open source ecosystem. Over the past two months, the Developer Advocacy team at the Wikimedia Foundation collaborated with two open source initiatives: Mozilla’s Open Source Student Network (OSSN) and’s Professors’ Open Source Software Experience  (TOS and POSSE, respectively). OSSN is designed to bring more students into open….

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Offline-Pedia converts old televisions into Wikipedia readers

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There are villages in the Ecuadorian Andes that are so small you cannot find them on a map. Cajas Juridica is one such place, located just 13km north of the equator. But two engineering students, Joshua Salazar and Jorge Vega, and the staff of Yachay Tech University have figured out a way to give discarded….

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