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Mexican Ministry of Culture and Wikimedia Mexico partner to preserve Mexican culture and heritage

"We are excited to continue to expand Wikipedia's free knowledge alongside one of the leading keepers of culture in my country," says Iván Martínez, President of Wikimedia Mexico.

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Add your photos of spring to the sum of all knowledge

The photo repository behind Wikipedia is running a photo contest themed around spring. Here's how you can join.

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Building a better #1Lib1Ref

The campaign's third year was better than ever—here's how you can get involved.

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James Heilman on expanding the reach of Wikipedia’s medical information

A conversation with emergency room physician James Heilman, who is working to get medical information into Internet-in-a-Box—a physical device that provides Wikipedia and other content in areas without internet access.

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See the winners from the 2017 Wiki Science Competition in Ukraine

Science has to be visible, and Wikipedia needs illustrations. Both goals met in the Wiki Science Competition. Here are winners from its Ukrainian sub-contest.

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Three ways we’re changing the Education team at the Wikimedia Foundation

A survey report is helping a Wikimedia Foundation team define where they were succeeding, and where they could do with improvement.

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Why you should be paying attention to Wikidata and GLAM

As a collaborative project, Wikidata is looking for more partners to fill in data gaps. Every one of the initiatives listed above needs help matching data from important collections to existing Wikidata entries, or help for the Connected Open Heritage community in prioritizing the next source of cultural data to target and improve.