Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Knowledge Equity Research

In 2021, the Wikimedia Foundation embarked on an ongoing series of research surveys to better understand levels of awareness, trust, and feelings of representation that people have in our work and projects, including Wikipedia.

The study was commissioned by BAMM, a global data and insights firm with deep expertise in helping organizations to meaningfully understand their audiences.

How This Data Will Be Used

The data is vital as the Wikimedia Foundation and global volunteer movement work to achieve knowledge equity: a central pillar of our 2030 strategy that centers on welcoming the knowledge and communities that have been left out by structures of power and privilege.

This research will help the Wikimedia Foundation and movement to:

  • Better understand areas where we can strengthen and improve work in relation to knowledge equity goals.
  • Better understand audiences within these groups and reasons for representation gaps in our movement among both editors and readers.
  • Make informed decisions about programming and priorities based on the issues identified.
  • Develop more effective communications to increase engagement with those who are underrepresented in the Wikimedia movement.
  • Better measure progress, establish accountability, and set benchmarks for improvement.

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