Knowledge Equity Research – Nigeria

Knowledge Equity ResearchNigeria

Key Insights

  • Overall, Wikipedia feels too ‘foreign’
  • Igbo & smaller ethnic groups feel least represented, but doesn’t affect Wikipedia usage
  • The Hausa community has the most negative perceptions of Wikipedia & use it less 
  • The LGBTQ+ community has negative perceptions and lower use of Wikipedia
  • Driving up community engagement means more relevance & visual content 


  • 17-26 May 2022
  • 15 minute online survey
  • Survey in English only
  • Age 18+
  • 1,500 respondents from local Nigeria opt-in survey panel
  • Sampled to be representative of the Nigerian online population on age, gender

Usage & Awareness

  • Awareness is lower among the Hausa community, especially Hausa women
  • Highest among the smaller ethnic communities, lowest among Muslims
  • Tech, business & science are key topics communities read about on Wikipedia

Perception & Representation

  • In general, respondents feel there are too few articles about ethnicities (especially Igbo & Hausa), too many about white people/culture
  • Nigerians are more likely to feel their ethnicities and communities are under-represented


  • There is interest across all groups
  • Desire to help society & share knowledge are top reasons for interest in editing Wikipedia

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