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Our top posts of 2016: Wikimedia community takes center stage

Communications From the archives Year in Review

Community-focused pieces fill our list of most-read and best posts from the last year.

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Death, politics, and Vincent van Gogh: 2016 as seen through the lens of Wikipedia

Communications Community From the archives Wikipedia Year in Review

Which English Wikipedia articles were edited most in 2016? Find out what captured editors' interests.

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News on Wikipedia: Fidel Castro, president of Cuba, dead at 90

Community From the archives Interview News on Wikipedia Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia

Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons are here to help you learn more about the recently deceased Fidel Castro.

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Wikimania 2016 - group photo

Mailbag: Is Wikipedia related to WikiLeaks in any way? No.

Communications Foundation From the archives

Answering your questions about how Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation work with the facts behind the facts.

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Wait, what? Tarrare, the man with an insatiable appetite

Communications From the archives Wikipedia

Meals for fifteen, a live cat, snakes, lizards, puppies, and an entire eel—none were off limits.

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Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Victoria Coleman as Chief Technology Officer

Communications Foundation Technology

The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce Victoria Coleman as our new Chief Technology Officer. As the Foundation’s senior technology executive, Victoria will be responsible for setting the vision and strategy for technology and operations behind the Wikimedia projects, in cooperation with the global communities of volunteer contributors, users, and researchers. Her first day is 7….

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A fascination with exploration: the polar pioneers of Wikipedia

Community From the archives Interview Profiles Wikipedia

Polar explorers were singular individuals who embarked on voyages of discovery—and as one Wikipedia editor put it, "Stories of endurance in the face of extreme hardship and danger will always fascinate people. This is apparent in the way that each new generation seems to rediscover and relish these stories."

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When it comes to shipwrecks raised off the seafloor, Peter Isotalo may be Wikipedia’s resident aficionado

Community From the archives Interview Profiles Wikipedia

Isotalo has written several Wikipedia articles on centuries-old archaeologically significant shipwrecks, working with museums and spending hundreds of hours to make them accurate and comprehensive. We wanted to find out why.

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No Man’s Sky and the drive to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of video games

Community From the archives Interview News on Wikipedia Wikipedia

Casual readers may not notice that the English Wikipedia's video game articles, like No Man's Sky, usually adhere to a set of stringent guidelines.

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