Vitor Mazuco

Vitor Mazuco and the fandom that drives his Wikipedia editing

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Vitor Mazuco is a veteran Wikipedian, Education Program leader, and community leader in São Paulo, Brazil. But it is his love for a certain celebrity that has helped to propel him into becoming one of the Portuguese Wikipedia’s most active contributors.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art: 375,000 windows on art history, and that's just the beginning

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Richard Knipel, the Wikimedian in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, looks back at the efforts made and future plans to further support collaboration between the museum and the Wikimedia movement.

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The metamorphosis of Wiki Loves Butterfly

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The so-called "Butterfly Wikimedian" created Wiki Loves Butterfly, a two-year effort to improve Wikimedia's coverage of butterflies in West Bengal.

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Why does Venezuelan photographer Wilfredo Rodríguez donate his work to the world?

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"I think the message is more important than the author," says Venezuelan photographer Wilfredo Rodríguez, who uses his photographs to show both the beauty and challenges of living in his country.

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Ten community-led projects awarded Project Grants

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Project Grants support individuals, groups and organizations to implement new experiments and proven ideas, whether focused on building a new tool or gadget, organizing a better process on your wiki, researching an important issue, coordinating an editathon series or providing other support for community-building.

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“Filling in the gaps”: Plants and people meet on Wikipedia

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A Wikipedia edit-a-thon at the New York Botanical Garden focused on writing women botanists into history.

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May Mohamed Hisham Hashem

“I will never be quite as proud of something as my writing about women”: May Hachem

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Three years after joining Wikipedia as a student editor, May Hachem has been able to build successful partnerships, mentor hundreds of new editors, and contribute content to Wikipedia.

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How a feminist stood up to trolls and measurably changed Wikipedia’s coverage of women scientists

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Did the efforts of Emily Temple-Wood ("Keilana") and other editors really make a difference in Wikipedia's coverage of women scientists—especially given the vast expanse of an encyclopedia that has 5.4 million articles in English alone? The answer, one year after the headlines, is an unequivocal yes.

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The one true international language is translation

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We may use English, but it’s not an international language that works everywhere for everyone.

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Spreading information in the Wikimedia world

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We need to work to be open for participation for those who want to participate—and in the Wikimedia movement, that requires a lot of translation.

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