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Exploring offline access to Wikipedia: WikiFundi, an editing tool for remote schools

Community Foundation From the archives Offline access

The latest installment of our offline access series sees the Wikimedia Foundation's Anne Gomez talking about WikiFundi, an offline editing tool for remote schools, with Florence Devouard, one of its project managers.

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A mockup of the new page previews feature, using the English Wikipedia's article on the Andromedia Galaxy.

Here’s everything we published from the design, development, and data process for the page previews feature

Features From the archives Technology Wikipedia

As an open and transparent organization, most of our documentation is placed online, able to be viewed and emulated by anyone. Here's a list of the documentation for one of our recently released features.

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Hello, my name is ________: Searching for names is not always straightforward

Foundation From the archives Technology

Names can be surprisingly complicated. What you think of as “your name” is probably a constellation of variations on a theme—possibly with a few random bits and bobs mixed in for good measure. Names that travel across cultures, languages, or writing systems cause all sorts of additional complications.

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The stories behind this year’s award-winning photographs from Wiki Loves Africa

Communications Community From the archives Photo contests

Late last year, photographers from around the world were invited to share their photos of people at work on the African continent. Over 18,000 were submitted. Here are the winners.

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Zanzibar seaweeds in Tanzania

From the archives Photo contests

Zanzibar seaweeds in Tanzania, the Wiki Loves Africa photo essay winner for the topic of women at work.

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The making of thatch

From the archives Photo contests

The making of thatch, the Wiki Loves Africa photo essay winner for the topic of endangered work practices.

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Why I write about women on Wikipedia

Community From the archives Why I series Wikipedia

Wikipedia volunteer editor "SusunW" delves into the reasons why she has written hundreds of article about women.

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A snapshot of Wikimedia education activities in Asia

Education Foundation From the archives

The Wikimedia Foundation's Nichole Saad conducted a site visit to Nepal, India, and Taiwan to pilot a new way to help program leaders: in-context support. Why is this approach important? What did we learn in this trip? How is this shaping the way we offer program support in our efforts to support education?

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#WeMissTurkey: A year without Wikipedia in Turkey

Communications Community Foundation From the archives Wikipedia

April 2018 marks one year that Wikipedia has been blocked across all languages in Turkey.

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A letter to our readers and donors from the Wikimedia Foundation

Advancement Endowment Foundation From the archives

Looking back on our largest annual fundraiser, we thank you for another great year.

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