Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Victoria Coleman as Chief Technology Officer

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The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce Victoria Coleman as our new Chief Technology Officer. As the Foundation’s senior technology executive, Victoria will be responsible for setting the vision and strategy for technology and operations behind the Wikimedia projects, in cooperation with the global communities of volunteer contributors, users, and researchers. Her first day is 7….

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Wikipedia community and Internet Archive partner to fix one million broken links on Wikipedia

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More than one million formerly broken links in the English Wikipedia have been updated to archived versions from the Wayback Machine, thanks to a partnership between the Internet Archive, volunteers from the Wikipedia community, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

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Wikimedia Foundation files petition against decision to extend the ‘right to be forgotten’ globally

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The Wikimedia Foundation has filed a petition with the French Supreme Court in support of access to knowledge.

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Wikimedia Foundation v. NSA update: appeal hearing scheduled

From the archives Legal Wikimedia v. NSA

The next hearing in our case against the United States National Security Agency and others over the U.S. government’s Upstream surveillance practices will take place on December 8, 2016, at the US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia.

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A fascination with exploration: the polar pioneers of Wikipedia

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Polar explorers were singular individuals who embarked on voyages of discovery—and as one Wikipedia editor put it, "Stories of endurance in the face of extreme hardship and danger will always fascinate people. This is apparent in the way that each new generation seems to rediscover and relish these stories."

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New grants program will fund six community-led projects

Community Foundation From the archives Grantmaking

Selected from a field of thirteen applications, the projects focus on software, offline outreach, and research.

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When it comes to shipwrecks raised off the seafloor, Peter Isotalo may be Wikipedia’s resident aficionado

Community From the archives Interview Profiles Wikipedia

Isotalo has written several Wikipedia articles on centuries-old archaeologically significant shipwrecks, working with museums and spending hundreds of hours to make them accurate and comprehensive. We wanted to find out why.

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Interaction principles for online collaboration

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Working with others online can be complicated. In an effort to make communication on the Wikimedia projects more friendly and productive, we propose five principles for collaboration.

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How Wikimedia helped mobile web readers save on data

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Photos are a ubiquitous element of Wikipedia's most popular and highest quality articles, and this change means that your phone will only load images as you scroll down a page, rather than on opening a page.

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