Addressing Wikipedia’s gender gap

Addressing Wikipedia’s gender gap: Join a Women’s History Month 2020 event

UPDATE - 23 March 2020:  In light of public health concerns, in-person Wikimedia events have been cancelled to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Virtual events are still taking place during Women’s History Month to add and improve content about women and their work, many of which include training on how to edit and guidance on which articles to start editing. You can also find resources if you’re interested in hosting your own virtual event. Are you hosting an online event you would like to add to the list below? Contact For more information about Wikimedia’s response to COVID-19, please see here.

See the list of events below ↓

Join a virtual event for Women’s History Month

  • Art+Feminism is hosting virtual edit-a-thons for their annual campaign each spring. Take a look at their virtual event list. Want to learn how to run your own virtual Art+Feminism event event? The team is also hosting a “community hours” session on 24 March to share best practices and resources for hosting virtual edit-a-thons.
  • WikiGap, an initiative by Wikimedia Sweden and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to add and improve articles about women on Wikipedia, is hosting a series of events around the world with local volunteers and Swedish embassies. Their full event list is available online.
  • The Dutch Wikipedia community is hosting an online edit-a-thon from 1-8 March to add and improve articles about women and their work on Dutch Wikipedia. Participants will be eligible to win a prize of tickets to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
  • Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedia Chile, and Wikimedia México are co-organizing an online edit-a-thon to create, improve, and translate Spanish Wikipedia articles about organizations, milestones, and women that have changed history since the early twentieth century.
  • (Un)known Women of Wikipedia, organized by Wikimedia Polska, is a writing contest to add notable women to Polish Wikipedia from March 1 - March 30, 2020. Participants are eligible to win a signed book by Anna Kowalczyk, a feminist writer and journalist dedicated to sharing the forgotten stories of women who have shaped Polish history.

Wiki Women in Red

Wiki Women in Red is hosting a series of themed online edit-a-thons this Women’s History Month. Take a look at their events below.

  • Women Art+Feminism & Folklore - improve articles about women, activists, the arts, and folklore.
  • Women of Aviation Week - add and improve articles about women in aviation.
  • Geofocus: Great Britain & Ireland - add and improve articles about  past or present women who were born in England, Scotland, Wales, the island of Ireland, the Isle or Man or the Channel Islands, or who have close associations with one or more of these places.
  • VisibleWikiWomen virtual edit-a-thon - As part of the #VisibleWikiWomen campaign by Whose Knowledge?, join a virtual event to add photos of notable women to Wikimedia Commons. 

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