Addressing Wikipedia’s gender gap

Addressing Wikipedia’s gender gap: Get involved

There are several ways for you to support gender equity on Wikipedia — from editing articles and uploading photos, to sharing on social media and participating events. Here are opportunities to get involved:

Write and edit biographies about women

  • Women in Red aims to add and improve articles about women on Wikipedia. They are known for helping newcomers navigate the technical rules of Wikipedia. If you are looking for a place to start editing, you can start with the lists on women that are notable by Wikipedia’s standards. (More resources below if you’re new to editing!)
  • Wiki Loves Women aims to address the lack of articles about African women and their work on Wikipedia. For Women’s History Month 2020, Wiki Loves Women is collaborating with WikiGap in their Tell Us About Her drive. The drive is aimed at improving the visibility of political leaders, activists, and feminists across Africa on Wikimedia projects by improving the descriptions of women’s photos on Wikipedia to make them more readily findable across Wikimedia projects and online.
  • The WikiGap Challenge is a public writing competition organized by Wikimedia Sverige and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create and improve articles to strengthen Wikipedia's coverage of women and related topics into as many languages as possible. The first prize, sponsored by UN Human Rights, is a trip to Geneva to see events connected to the Human Rights Council’s June session.
  • Gender gap, Wikipedia, and Libraries is a project organized by Wikimedia Colombia and others in the Spanish Wikipedia community to add and improve biographies of women librarians on Spanish Wikipedia. Participate from March - April 2020.

Improve content about gender equity, feminism, and the arts

  • Art+Feminism is an intersectional feminist non-profit organization that directly addresses the information gap about gender, feminism, and the arts on the internet. Their  work is centered on building an equitable global community striving to close the gaps in content and editorial representation on Wikipedia, ensuring that the histories of our lives and work are accessible and accurate. Their events feature tutorials for beginner Wikipedians, ongoing editing support, and reference materials. Many also have childcare and refreshments available.
  • UN Human Rights is collaborating with the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia affiliates around the world to improve the representation of women human rights defenders and gender equity online. Check out their list of topics around women’s rights that need articles, improvements, or translations on Wikipedia.
  • Kolektyw Kariatyda is a group of volunteers from Poland who meet regularly for online and in person events to add and improve articles about women, the arts, and feminism on Polish Wikipedia.

Contribute freely-licensed photos of women

  • Photos are critical in shaping the story about women and their work on Wikipedia. Do you or your institution have freely-licensed photos of notable women? Consider uploading them to Wikimedia Commons, the collection of images used on Wikipedia and elsewhere online, as part of the #VisibleWikiWomen 2020 campaign. From 8 March to 8 May, the campaign organized by Whose Knowledge? aims to add 5000 images of notable women to better represent women and their work on Wikimedia projects. If you’re a multilingual speaker, you can also help by translating materials for the campaign. Check out their how-to guides for information on finding and uploading photos as well as their list of women who need photos on Wikipedia.

Support the #WikiHerStory initiative

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