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Lucas Pasqual
Specialist, Communications (Contractor), External Communications
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Laura Pulecio Duarte
Advocacy Communications Specialist, External Communications
Wikimedia Foundation offices - camera shy photo
Gwada Majange
Lead Communications Specialist (Contractor), External Communications

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SusunW is on a mission to write women into history with Wikipedia

Today, scientists can tell us with certainty that increased carbon dioxide emissions are warming the planet. But who was the first to discover this, and when did that happen?  I’ll bet it’s earlier than you think. Meet Eunice Newton Foote: a 19th century American scientist, inventor, and women’s rights activist whose contributions to climate science….

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Wikigap Story

Six years, 100,000 articles: WikiGap is on a mission to close Wikipedia’s gender gap

It’s possible that right now, as you read these words, a WikiGap event is being held in a Swedish embassy somewhere in the world. Created through a joint effort from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Wikimedia Sverige, an independent Wikimedia movement affiliate organization in Sweden, WikiGap edit-a-thon events bring people together across countries….

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