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Gregory Varnum

Myleen Hollero / Wikimedia Foundation / Cc-by-sa-3.0

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Wikimedia Foundation offices - camera shy photo
Gwada Majange
Lead Communications Specialist (Contractor), Communications Team
Anusha Alikhan
Senior Director of Communications, Communications Team
Samantha Lien
Senior Communications Manager, Communications Team

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Wikimedia Foundation urges Turkish authorities to restore access to Wikipedia

On Saturday, April 29, Wikipedia was blocked in Turkey. If it remains, this block will result in millions of people in Turkey losing access to free knowledge about their country and the world around them. We believe knowledge is a fundamental human right and urge the Turkish government to remove this block.

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Announcing a new informational resource on Wikimedia Foundation v. NSA and government surveillance

We have released a new landing page for Wikimedia Foundation v. NSA, and the government has filed their response to our opening appeal brief.

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Gregory Varnum - January 2016

Myleen Hollero/Wikimedia Foundation

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