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A native of Michigan, USA, Heather joined the Foundation in 2011. Since that time Heather has been a driving force in creative and brand efforts at the organization. Under her stewardship, the Foundation has increased its use of international communication channels to reach new Wikipedia readers and volunteer contributors. Additionally, she significantly expanded the communications resources made available to the global community of Wikimedia volunteers. As a member of Wikimedia’s Communication team, Heather modernized the Foundation’s brand—bringing it into greater alignment with its movement’s values—and oversaw pioneering community-supported awareness campaigns.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Heather trained as an architect at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. She spent the first years of her career designing spaces for homes and museums. Her work has been featured in Architectural Record and exhibited in New York, Detroit and Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

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The infinite potential of human collaboration

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On November 2, 2000, a space capsule carrying three astronauts arrived at the International Space Station (ISS). It was appropriately named “Expedition 1,” and it was the beginning of 20 years of humans continuously living and working onboard the ISS. Just two months after the landing of Expedition 1, another seemingly impossible human endeavor launched….

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Wikipedia 20 symbol - International Space Station

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