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Lisa Lewin

Lisa Lewin

Lisa Lewin is Managing Partner at Ethical Ventures, a New York City based management consulting firm.

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she has worked in strategic growth and development her whole career, helping launch new ventures and increase the impact and growth potential of legacy businesses. She began her career in research and consulting with The NPD Group and BCG before joining McGraw-Hill and rising to vice president of their professional education group. She founded and led Mindgate Media, an education technology consultancy, and later joined Pearson plc as president of their teacher education group, eventually leading their global learning technology team spanning six continents. In 2016 she joined The Ready, a consulting firm specializing in organizational transformation, where she remains a senior advisor. In 2018 she founded Ethical Ventures, which advises senior executives at corporations and large nonprofits on navigating change and building thriving organizations with a positive impact on society.

Lisa is active on the boards of the Center for Responsive Politics and She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis, and earned a Master of Business Administration with honors from Harvard Business School.

Lisa lives in New York City with her husband and daughter. She enjoys making change, sense, mischief, and knitting scarves.

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Lisa Lewin

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