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Aerial shot of Bangalore city of Nagawara area.

Wikimedia Foundation kicks-off fundraising campaign in India

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Recently, the Wikimedia Foundation began a fundraising campaign on Wikipedia in India, inviting anyone who relies on Wikipedia to support its future. Banners are appearing on the English Wikipedia in India, asking readers to consider contributing with a donation. The banners have generated a lot of conversation online. We wanted to address some of the….

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Today, Giving Tuesday, the Wikimedia Foundation begins its annual banner campaign on the English Wikipedia, inviting anyone who values Wikipedia to join us on our journey and support  its continued growth and evolution as the world’s free knowledge resource. Banners will appear on the English Wikipedia asking our readers to consider contributing to the site….

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India Fundraising Banner

Fundraising Banner India - 2020

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Aerial shot of Bangalore city of Nagawara area.


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