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The anatomy of search: A token of my affection

A galloping overview To start, let’s get a bird’s-eye view of the parts of the search process: text comes in and gets processed and stored in a database (called an index); a user submits a query; documents that match the query are retrieved from the index, ranked based on how well they match the query,….

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Hello, my name is ________: Searching for names is not always straightforward

Names can be surprisingly complicated. What you think of as “your name” is probably a constellation of variations on a theme—possibly with a few random bits and bobs mixed in for good measure. Names that travel across cultures, languages, or writing systems cause all sorts of additional complications.

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Confound it!—Supporting languages with multiple writing systems

Many of the languages of the world use two or more writing systems, like the familiar Arabic, Cyrillic, or Latin scripts. Supporting those languages and those scripts—for reading, editing, and searching—can be a real challenge.

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