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Nine community-led projects receive rapid grants to inspire new readers

How do we build awareness of Wikipedia in different countries, cultures, and language groups around the world? We trust local Wikimedians to offer their expertise.

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Building for the future of Wikimedia with a new approach to partnerships

The Wikipedia Zero program will end in 2018 while new partnership opportunities will continue to address critical barriers to participation in free knowledge around the world

Foundation From the archives Grantmaking

Inspire New Readers campaign: Raise awareness of Wikipedia where you live

Recent research shows that only 33 percent of Internet users in India, 19 percent of internet users in Iraq, and 39 percent of Internet users in Brazil have heard of Wikipedia. Those numbers differ dramatically from the United States and France, where 87 and 84 of internet users, respectively, have heard of Wikipedia. How would you raise awareness of Wikipedia where you live? A new campaign wants to hear your ideas.

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Designing for offline on Android

We’ve introduced a number of improvements to the Wikipedia Android app to better serve these app users who have restricted or low-bandwidth access to the internet.

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Gabriel Thullen on bringing offline Wikipedia to West African schools

A chat with Gabriel Thullen, a Wikimedian who worked with schools in West Africa to test the Kiwix offline Wikipedia browser during the 2016–2017 school year.

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The future of offline access to Wikipedia: The Kiwix example

A chat with a developer of Kiwix, an open source software which allows users to download web content for offline reading, and the future of offline access to Wikipedia.