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You can now translate Wikipedia articles from Spanish into Basque, thanks to an open source machine learning tool

The Wikimedia Foundation's Language team worked with a team from the University of the Basque Country and the Elhuyar Foundation to make it easier to translate Wikipedia articles from Spanish into Basque.

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Seven translation tools you can use to work in multiple languages across Wikimedia projects

Wikipedia is available in hundreds of languages, which is both a gift and a curse—the latter because so much of our knowledge is locked behind language barriers for too many people. Here are the tools Wikimedia has, to help translators bring the sum of all knowledge to their own communities.

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The one true international language is translation

We may use English, but it’s not an international language that works everywhere for everyone.

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Spreading information in the Wikimedia world

We need to work to be open for participation for those who want to participate—and in the Wikimedia movement, that requires a lot of translation.