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|MikeText=General Counsel and Legal Coordinator, since July 2007
|MikeText=General Counsel and Legal Coordinator, since July 2007
|Kul=Kul Wadhwa
|Kul=Kul Wadhwa
|KulText=[[Head of Business Development]], since January 2008
|KulText=[[Head of Mobile and Business Development]], since January 2008
|Bill=Bill Gong
|Bill=Bill Gong
|BillText=Accounting Manager and Financial Analyst, since March 2009
|BillText=Accounting Manager and Financial Analyst, since March 2009

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|Intro=The [[About Wikimedia|Wikimedia Foundation]] currently has a small paid staff working out of a main office in San Francisco, California. Several staff members also work remotely.  Everyone else involved with the Wikimedia projects is a volunteer, including members of the [[Board of Trustees]].
|highres=''(Photos link to high resolution formats.)''

 |Sue=Sue Gardner
  |SueText=[[Executive Director]], since December 2007
 |Erik=Erik Möller
  |ErikText=[[Deputy Director]], since December 2007

 |Danese=Danese Cooper
  |DaneseText=Chief Technical Officer, since February 2010
 |Tim=Tim Starling
  |TimText=[[MediaWiki]] software developer, since April 2006
 |Tomasz=Tomasz Finc
  |TomaszText=Engineering Program Manager, since March 2010
 |Ariel=Ariel Glenn
  |ArielText=Software Developer and Office IT Support, since October 2008
 |ErikZ=Erik Zachte
  |ErikZText=Data Analyst, since September 2008
 |Priyanka=Priyanka Dhanda
  |PriyankaText=Code Maintenance Engineer, since December 2009
 |Rob=Rob Halsell
  |RobText=[[IT Manager|IT Manager]], since December 2006
 |Mark=Mark Bergsma
  |MarkText=Networking Coordinator, since September 2006
 |MichaelDale='''Michael Dale''' works in the San Francisco office on open source video collaboration technology. His work is sponsored by [http://www.kaltura.com Kaltura, Inc.] (see [http://blog.wikimedia.org/2008/07/23/kaltura-sponsors-michael-dale-open-source-video-developer/ related blog post])
 |Fred=Fred Vassard
  |FredText=System Administrator, since March 2009
 |Hampton=Hampton Catlin
  |HamptonText=Software Developer - Mobile, since November 2008

 |Jay=Jay Walsh
  |JayText=[[Head of Communications]], since January 2008
 |Frank=Frank Schulenburg
  |FrankText=[[Head of Public Outreach]], since July 2008
 |Rod=Rod Dunican
  |RodText=Education Programs Manager, since February 2010
 |Cary=Cary Bass
  |CaryText=[[Volunteer Coordinator]], since April 2007
 |Moka=Moka Pantages
  |MokaText=Communications Officer, since October 2009
 |Pete= Pete Forsyth
  |PeteText=Public Outreach Officer, since October 2009

|FinanceAdminLegal=Finance / Administration / Legal
 |Veronique=Véronique Kessler
  |VeroniqueText=Chief Financial and Operating Officer, since February 2008
 |Rand=Rand Montoya
  |RandText=Head of Community Giving, since July 2008
 |Rebecca=Rebecca Handler
  |RebeccaText=Head of Major Gifts, since August 2008
 |Sara=Sara Crouse
  |SaraText=[[Head of Partnerships and Foundation Relations]], since July 2008
 |Daniel=Daniel Phelps
  |DanielText=Office Manager, since October 2008
 |Jeff=Jeff Jones
  |JeffText=Office IT Manager, since February 2010
 |Mike=Mike Godwin
  |MikeText=General Counsel and Legal Coordinator, since July 2007
 |Kul=Kul Wadhwa
  |KulText=[[Head of Mobile and Business Development]], since January 2008
 |Bill=Bill Gong
  |BillText=Accounting Manager and Financial Analyst, since March 2009
 |Anya=Anya Shyrokova
  |AnyaText=Stewardship Associate, since October 2009
 |James=James Owen
  |JamesText=Executive Assistant, since March 2009
 |Megan=Megan Hernandez
  |MeganText=Development Associate, since November 2009

|User Experience Programs=User Experience Programs
 |Wikipedia Usability Project=Wikipedia Usability Project
 |Multimedia Usability Project=Multimedia Usability Project
 |WPUMoreInfoText=More information

 |Naoko=Naoko Komura
  |NaokoText=Head of UX Programs, since January 2010
 |Trevor=Trevor Parscal
  |TrevorText=Lead Front-end Developer, UX Programs, since February 2010
 |Guillame=Guillaume Paumier
  |GuillaumeText=Product Manager - Multimedia Usability Project, since December 2009
 |Parul=Parul Vora
  |ParulText=Interaction Designer - Wikipedia Usability Project, since February 2009
 |Nimish=Nimish Gautam
  |NimishText=Software Developer - Wikipedia Usability Project, since July 2009
 |Neil=Neil Kandalgaonkar
  |NeilText=Software Developer - Multimedia Usability Project, since January 2010

|Wikimedia Strategic Plan=Wikimedia Strategic Planning
 |Eugene=Eugene Eric Kim
  |EugeneText=Program Manager, since July 2009.  Eugene is consulting with Wikimedia for the duration of the Strategic Planning project on behalf of Blue Oxen Associates.
 |Philippe=Philippe Beaudette
  |PhilippeText=Facilitator, since July 2009

|OrgChartHeader=Organization chart
 |OrgChartText=Wikimedia Foundation organization chart
 |WPUOrgChartHeader=Wikipedia Usability Project organization chart
 |WPUOrgChartText=Wikipedia Usability Project organization chart
 |SPOrgChartHeader=Wikimedia Strategic Planning Organization Chart

|See also=See also
 |Job openings=Job openings
 |JobPoliciesLink=Policies#Related documents
 |Job descriptions=Job descriptions

|category=[[Category:Wikimedia organisation]]


  • Very easy to change positioning
  • Easy to update all translations simultaneously
  • May be easier for some to translate (clearer flow than all the wikitext)


  • May be harder for some to translate
  • Wiki newbies can no longer update the staff page


See Talk:現在のスタッフ.

This translation system is not viable

We need to maintain a level of simplicity so that Wikimedia Foundation staff members without extensive template, HTML and wiki-table knowledge can make basic changes and updates. Unless we can come up with something much simpler, with the next update, I will revert this to a simple wiki page. I'm sorry if this makes translations harder and if some translators will not be willing to work on that basis, but having a page that's easy to maintain and update should be our number 1 priority.

Having frequently changing content inside templates is generally a very bad idea, IMHO. Templates are inherently complex and hard to read, and even for me, making basic content updates within a complex template mixing HTML, wiki table syntax, and template parameters (including for things like commas) is a pain. I can live with it in the case of a page like the Donate page, where the underlying code is complex HTML anyway. But as a translation mechanism for basic wiki pages, it's not viable.--Eloquence 17:17, 17 October 2008 (UTC)

It's really not that complex, you just copy&paste a basis for what you are going to have and update the information (it's pretty self-explanatory in that regard). The point of this is to make it *less* complicated. The translators and staff members who have to update the English text (not add new people), can do this much easier without all the table editing and making sure all the other info is correctly fitted. We can make sure all the pages are up to date when a new staff member is added or one leave. Your idea would make more clutter on the plain Staff page. If it's really a problem, you could just add a plain line for the new staff member and we could properly format it. I wish you had spoken up in the earlier stages... it's a lot more difficult to revert everything. Cbrown1023 talk 22:11, 17 October 2008 (UTC)
I don't think it's very complex either. As long as you have some basic idea of how templates work you should be able to just learn from example and fill in what you need to. :) --Az1568 00:28, 18 October 2008 (UTC)
I understand all the assumptions that went into the design of this system, and I really appreciate the effort you put into it. Let me try to explain the opposite view: I really want WMF staff members who are relatively new to wiki editing to be completely comfortable editing this page whenever they need to for whatever reason. Making sure that our own staff is "wikified" is pretty important to us. And it would be very counter to that goal if I would need Jay or anyone else to go through some sort of process to make a change, because I know that I'm not going to teach them how to edit this.
So, I'd rather make some sacrifices on the complexity of the layout, if that helps translators, than have the crucial content of this page reside inside a complex template. Sorry that I didn't see this earlier - when I saw these edits happening, I assumed only layout changes were being made. But I would generally strongly recommend against using this template-based translation system for pages on this wiki. If we need better approaches to translation, let's have a chat about that and talk through some options.
Az1568, I think your assumptions about templates are not applicable to people with no or limited wiki experience. We know from all workshops that we've done with wiki-inexperienced people that templates are one of the most fundamental barriers to entry. Even the basic syntax of calling a template is confusing to many people and scaring them away from editing; the syntax of the actual templates is an utter nightmare for anyone but the most motivated wiki user.--Eloquence 00:43, 18 October 2008 (UTC)
I agree with you, that's why we normally try to stay away from template-based requests. (The reason we have no other ones like this other than Donate.) However, this is a page that changes frequently and should be kept up to date. As you can see above, I really think in this specific case the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Don't worry, I won't touch any other pages with this icky template schema. ;-) It really wasn't this bad in the beginning... then Arabic and Japanese had to have different commas in their language system... :-) Cbrown1023 talk 01:29, 18 October 2008 (UTC)