Dear Wikimedia contributor,

Most Wikimedia readers don't even know that our projects are created by volunteers and funded entirely by voluntary donations. The fundraiser is a chance to teach the world how special Wikimedia projects really are.

Therefore, it's not a surprise that the most effective fundraising technique is for Wikimedia contributors to tell the stories of why they spend so much time working on their projects and why they believe in the future and promise of their projects. Only about one out of 1,000 Wikimedia users donate. The more effectively we tell our stories, the more people donate.

Please add your voice to this year's fundraiser by submitting your story in the form below.

For several months, we've been testing out a new batch of appeals written by Wikimedia contributors and Wikimedia Foundation staff. We have noticed that the following elements really work well:

  • A personal detail about yourself -- What do you do for a living? Where did you grow up?
  • What in your life story led you to start contributing to a Wikimedia project and keep doing it?
  • Why do you spend so much time contributing to a Wikimedia project? What would you be doing with that time if the Wikimedia movement never happened?

Thank you for the work you do on your project, and thank you for helping out with the annual fundraiser this year by submitting your story.

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