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The Wikimedia Foundation currently has a small paid staff working out of a main office in San Francisco, California as well as several paid contractors and consultants. Several of these individuals engaged by the Wikimedia Foundation work remotely. Everyone else involved with the Wikimedia projects is a volunteer, including members of the Board of Trustees.

(Photos link to high resolution formats.)

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  • Sue Gardner
    Executive Director
  • James Owen
    Executive Assistant and Board Liaison
  • Erik Möller
    Deputy Director
  • Technology

  • Tim Starling
    Lead Platform Architect
  • Tomasz Finc
    Director of Mobile and Special Projects
  • Erik Zachte
    Data Analyst
  • Neil Kandalgaonkar
    Software Developer
  • Michael Dale
    Open source video collaboration technology - sponsored by Kaltura, Inc. (see related blog post)
  • Brandon Harris
    Senior Designer
  • Trevor Parscal
    Lead Features Engineer
  • Siebrand Mazeland
    Product Manager (Contractor)
  • Niklas Laxström
    Software Engineer (Contractor)
  • Santhosh Thottingal
    Software Engineer (Contractor)
  • Amir Aharoni
    Software Engineer (Contractor)
  • Gerard Meijssen
    Internationalization / Localization Outreach Consultant
  • Rachel Farrand
    Assistant to the Technology Department
  • Strategy

  • Howie Fung
    Senior Product Manager
  • Community

  • Zack Exley
    Chief Community Officer
  • Pats Pena
    Global Fundraising Operations Manager
  • Victor Grigas
    [[User:Vgrigas|Victor Grigas]]
  • Matthew Roth
    [[User:Mroth|Matthew Roth]]
  • R. Stuart Gieger
    Research Fellow (Contractor)
  • Sarah Stierch
    Community Fellow (Contractor)
  • Megan Hernandez
    Head of Annual Fundraiser
  • Steven Walling
    Community Organizer
  • Maryana Pinchuk
    Community Organizer
  • James Alexander
    Community Fellow
  • Ryan Faulkner
    Research Analyst, Fundraiser
  • Jon Harald Søby
    Community Fellow
  • Jonathan Morgan
    Research Fellow (Contractor)
  • Global Development

  • Barry Newstead
    Chief Global Development Officer
  • Jay Walsh
    Head of Communications
  • Asaf Bartov
    Head of Global South Relationships
  • Frank Schulenburg
    Global Education Program Director
  • Annie Lin
    Global Education Program Manager
  • Jami Mathewson
    U.S. Education Program Associate (Consultant)
  • Kul Wadhwa
    Head of Mobile and Business Development
  • Jessie Wild
    Special Projects Manager, Global Development
  • Mani Pande
    Head of Global Development Research
  • Ayush Khanna
    Data Analyst (Consultant)
  • Winifred Olliff
    Program Assistant, Global Development
  • Amit Kapoor
    Senior Manager, Mobile Partnerships
  • Finance and Administration

  • Svetlana Istrati
    Svetlana Istrati
    Accounting Specialist
  • Rayne MacGeorge
    IT Project Manager, Contract
  • Melanie Brown
    Assistant to the Chief Culture and Talent Officer,
    General Counsel, Chief of Finance and Administration
  • Leslie Harms
    Leslie Harms
  • Legal

  • Michelle Paulson
    Michelle Paulson
    Legal Counsel
  • Human Resources

  • Steph Thommen
    Recruiting Consultant
  • See also