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Limited edition 10th Anniversary shirts

This year Wikipedia turned 10. And we’re celebrating our first decade in lots of ways – mostly by doubling down on our mission to put the sum of human knowledge at the fingertips of every person on the planet.

We’re not there yet. But we’re gaining ground. And that’s pretty good for an online encyclopedia that many people predicted wouldn’t be around for one year, never mind ten.

They just couldn’t bring themselves to believe that a global community of volunteers could create the most massive accumulation of human knowledge ever compiled in one place. When I founded Wikipedia 10 years ago, there weren’t a lot of people predicting we’d be the world’s 5th most-visited website and the only non-profit group in the top 100 sites.

Celebrate a truly unique human achievement. Donate $25 or more and we’ll send you out special 10th Anniversary Wikipedia t-shirt.

The Wikipedia community is a unique collection of people from all across the world who create, use and appreciate Wikipedia every day.

Wearing our 10th anniversary t-shirt is a great way for you to let other people know that being part of our community means something special to you. And sending a donation of $25 or more is a powerful way for you to help provide the modest levels of financial support we need to run our highly-efficient operations.

Thanks so much,

Jimmy Wales Founder

P.S. Wikipedia is a global community. So, we’ve made it possible for you to select and personalize the language on your t-shirt. Be sure to select the language you’d like displayed on your personal Wikipedia 10th Anniversary t-shirt.