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The Audit Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation represents the Board of Trustees in its oversight of financial and accounting issues, providing advice and counsel based on the experience of committee members in business, financial and accounting matters. It also serves as Board-level oversight of the relationship with the independent auditor (currently KPMG). Committee members serve one-year terms, beginning at the start of the fiscal year. The committee may include representatives from the community, advisory board, and outside advisors. The committee's work is goverend by its charter.

The Audit Committee can be contacted privately at Public feedback may be left on the Meta-wiki.


Voting members must be current WMF trustees. Past committee membership can be found in the committee archive.
2015-16 voting members
non-voting members

2014–15 voting members
Non-voting members
  • Matt Bisanz: Matt is a bureaucrat on EN:WP and an admin on Wikimedia Commons. His experience includes exempt-organization tax compliance with a Big Four accounting firm and federal grants reporting compliance in an educational setting. He is a financial attorney in Washington, DC.
  • Michael Snow: Michael served as Chair of the WMF from 2008 to 2010 and has served on the Audit Committee since 2008. He created the Wikipedia Signpost. He is an attorney in the Seattle area.
  • Abhijith Jayanthi - Abhijith currently serves as Hyderabad SIG Chair. He is an entrepreneur in India and serves as a consultant with the World Bank.
  • Ben Creasy - Ben is an insurance regulator for the State of Alaska. He has experience as a fiduciary for two other nonprofits.
  • Florian Gerl - Florian is a management accountant in Germany and has previously worked for a Big Four accounting firm.


Starting in 2013, meeting minutes are published after each meeting.

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