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This page is no longer updated, a better version can be found at m:Trophy box.
The Golden Nica that Wikipedia won
The Web Creation Award trophy that Japanese Wikipedia won

These are the trophies, awards, and media coverage garnered by various Wikimedia projects.



  • 2004 Golden Nica for Digital Communities: The top award handed out by the Prix Ars Electronica cyberarts festival; this was the inaugural year for this category, and saw 2 of the 7 Golden Nicas handed out. Includes: public appearances at ceremonies in New York and Linz, Austria; 10,000 Euros; and perhaps an opportunity to lecture about the project in Linz. See m:Golden Nica Awards 2004 for an account of the awards ceremony.
  • 2004 Web Creation Award for Japanese Wikipedia: The special prize awarded by Web Advertising Bureau in Japan Advertisers Association which is the Association of biggest marketing offices and mass media in Japan; the Award is principally given for individuals who has achieved great contribution on the World Wide Web in Japanese although, Wikipedia's activities impressed the judging committee of the Award, and made them honor Wikipedia with an exceptionally given special prize. The celemony was held on September 9 in Tokyo and two wikipedians attended who have contributed since the early days of Japanese Wikipedia and were also interviewed by judges in advance.


  • Yahoo! Japan Web of the Year 2006, in the "Web of the Year" and "Information Resource on the Web" categories. Wikimedia was represented at the ceremonies by Imaizumi Makoto (known as Suisui on Wikipedia), who commented "besides hardware, Wikipedia is supported by Japanese volunteers. We are happy to see such a website awarded."
  • Webby Award 2004 for "Best Community". One of 30 topical awards handed out by the Webby Awards each year. Prize includes press coverage and a five-word acceptance speech.

Web User Magazine Award Web User Awards 2004. "Best Factual Website". Joint winner with BBCi News. From Web User, a UK Internet magazine.
  • Site of the Month - Australian Personal Computer, June 2004 (page 119)
  • Top 100 Top Websites You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without - PC Magazine, 20 April 2004
  • Top 10 reference sites - The UK Daily Mirror, 17 October 2003