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The Impact of Wikipedia

Become a Benefactor!

Your donation makes a major difference to the Wikimedia Foundation, which is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Foundations and individuals who contribute at a high level let us sustain and improve Wikipedia for millions of readers around the world. There are many ways to donate, including making a Legacy Gift and having your gift matched through your employer and our Matching Gift program. We’d be honored if you joined the ranks of our benefactors, who are ensuring Wikipedia can do much more in the year ahead.

Gifts from Foundations

The Wikimedia Foundation receives support from grantmaking foundations and donor-advised funds of all sizes from around the world. If you need assistance making a gift from a foundation or through your donor-advised fund, please contact us at

The Wikimedia Foundation is one of the world’s most transparent nonprofit organizations. All of our Annual Reports, audited financial statements, detailed financial plans and IRS Form 990s are available on our Financial Reports page, where you’ll also find our IRS Letter of Determination that grants the Wikimedia Foundation 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

Top Ratings

Charity Navigator, the largest independent charity evaluator in the United States, ranks the Wikimedia Foundation with four stars -- its highest rating. "The Global Journal", a magazine in Geneva that covers issues of international governance, ranks the Wikimedia Foundation as the top non-governmental organization in the world based on such standards as innovation, effectiveness, impact, sustainability, efficiency and value for money, and transparency and accountability.

Who to Contact

If you have questions about donating to the Wikimedia Foundation, please contact Caitlin Virtue, Development Outreach Manager, at (415) 839-6885 ext. 6733 or by email at Thank you for considering making a major donation to Wikipedia!