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The Business Developer is generally tasked with developing and measuring the Wikimedia Foundation's brand and revenue. More specifically:

  • identify and develop market strategies;
  • generate ideas and initiatives that capitalize on existing and prospective partner strengths;
  • consistently build a pipeline of new, revenue generating opportunities;
  • prepare written presentations, reports, and term sheets;
  • assist in contract negotiations;
  • assist with other tasks as needed.

Business Developers

Vishal Patel was hired as part-time business developer in May 2007. He had worked in the Wikimedia office as a part-time intern since January 2007. He was charged with a number of immediate tasks, as described by Florence Devouard (Anthere), chair of the Wikimedia Foundation:

  • report on all business deals we currently are in (who, what, when, how much).
  • analyze the price asked for certain services and implement an increase if suitable
  • coordinate sponsorship for Wikimania
  • follow up on brand marketing proposal
  • be the general contact person for all the various (and sometimes really amazing) business deals proposed to the Foundation