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The Chief Community Officer will look at ways of building and better understanding the whole population of new editors and contributors to our projects, and addressing the needs of these groups, which we believe are very much aligned:

  • understanding what the Foundation is doing, and hearing about the impact of our projects around the world,
  • finding out how to participate and contribute both on the web and off-line (how to find local Wikimedia contributors to meet with, for example),
  • improving our annual, on-line giving campaign so we can reach out to more prospective donors around the world, and find ways for them to provide meaningful support to the Wikimedia projects in ways that may include volunteering time and expertise, as well as money.

The CCO will be looking at ways of improving support to volunteers from the Foundation by examining broadly where new services or technologies may be created that support volunteers in more than one way. For example, we may look at ways of helping connect volunteers to one another - something that would help us attract new, subject-matter experts and pair them with experienced volunteers, or act as a way for our financial contributors to take their first steps in editing Wikipedia.

The CCO will also be addressing ways of supporting the Foundation's growing number of international chapters in their fundraising activities, should they choose to undertake those activities. This might include, for example, coaching chapters in fundraising best practices with regards to donor privacy and thanking, as well as sharing the Wikimedia Foundation's experiences with regards to restricted grant proposals, major gifts solicitation, and so forth.

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