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Both a scientific conference and a community event, the annual Wikimania event brings together members of the various Wikimedia projects in order to exchange ideas, build relationships, and report on research and project efforts. It also provides an opportunity for Wikimedians and the general public alike to meet and share ideas about free and open source software, free knowledge initiatives, and wiki projects worldwide.

  • Wikimania 2005: Frankfurt am Main
  • Wikimania 2006: Cambridge, held August 4–6 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at the Harvard Law School campus.


Community and Wikipedia in Berlin

This list tracks the cities across the world that smaller meetups of Wikimedia contributors have taken place, and the years that such meetups have happened.


Beijing, China (2004) | Hong Kong, China (2005) | Shanghai, China (2005) | Taipei, Japan (2004) | Tokyo, Japan (2004)


Berlin, Germany (2004) | Bolzano (2004) | London (2004) | Rotterdam (2004)

North America

Calgary, Canada (2006) | New York City, United States (2004) | Ottawa, Canada | Toronto, Canada (2006)