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An appeal from Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist

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I'm a proud supporter of Wikipedia, and I encourage you to make a donation to support their work too. Wikipedia is an accomplishment of major proportions. It's become the "first draft of history," a vital, living repository of human knowledge.

How did we ever manage without it? Wikipedia makes it easy to learn about anything. It's dramatic proof of the supreme effectiveness of collaboration: people from all around the world work together on Wikipedia to build articles with one purpose - to provide free knowledge.

But the work has just begun. And Wikipedia needs our financial support.

If you read it, if you edit it, if you visit it more than once a month: please join me in supporting Wikipedia today.



Wikipedia is there when you need it. Now it needs you. Donate now.

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Our goal is to raise USD 7.5 million in this year's campaign, out of our budget of USD 10.4 million. Philanthropic foundations and carefully developed business partnerships cover the gap. USD 1.2 million is put into a reserve fund for the future, the rest is spent, primarily on technology and staffing. Please see our FAQ for more information.