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This page describes the role of Head of Mobile and Business Development. Information about the person who currently fills this role can be found at Staff and contractors.


As head of business development for the Wikimedia Foundation, your job is to develop and execute a business development strategy for the Wikimedia Foundation in the context of its mission, vision, values, and overall strategy. This position reports to the Chief Financial and Operating Officer.


This position will develop and execute a business development strategy for the Wikimedia Foundation in the context of its overall mission, vision, values and goals. The primary focus of this role will be to identify and develop earned-income activities with for-profit companies, particularly where those activities can help to make the Foundation’s educational and informational materials more widely available, in multiple forms, for people around the world. The role mainly involves developing new deals, although it includes some management of existing deals.


  • Develop strategy: including identifying the major assets and capabilities that the Foundation brings to business development activities and developing and implementing a process for evaluating opportunities in terms of financial gain, mission/strategy fit and organizational capacity;
  • Manage ongoing activities, including triaging all incoming opportunities; developing relationships with external partners and potential partners; managing the deals pipeline; researching opportunities and selecting the most appropriate to be developed; creating and implementing realistic business plans; working with legal counsel to develop contracts; coordinating and managing multiple projects simultaneously;
  • Create key performance metrics during the execution of business planning and strategy development for specific programs, including market analysis, revenue planning, activity forecasting, and development of pro forma financial statements;
  • Achieve annual business income targets, as established during the budgeting process;
  • Prepare verbal and written communications, reports, and presentations;
  • Stay on top of industry trends (e.g. acceptance/adoption of new technologies, etc.);
  • Other duties as required.