Head of Partnerships and Foundation Relations

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As head of partnerships, the job of the Head of Partnerships and Foundation Relations is to develop and execute a strategy that will enable the Foundation to better fulfill its mission and further its goals through partnerships, particularly ones which fit into the higher level strategic planning of the Foundation. This is not a public/stakeholder/community outreach or relationship-building role: the intent is to partner with institutions, particularly non-profits, to create mission-driven projects, and get them funded and executed.

Job Summary

This position will develop and execute a partnerships strategy for the Wikimedia Foundation designed to further its mission of providing free information for everyone in the world. Currently the Foundation has very little experience in building partnerships: this is in many ways a start-up role. This role requires a strong ability to analyze, to think strategically, understand the Foundation’s goals and maintain a sharp focus on what will further them.

  • Develop strategy: including identifying the major assets and capabilities that the Foundation brings to partnership activities and relationships, and developing and implementing a process for evaluating opportunities and ideas in terms of mission/goals fit and organizational capacity;
  • Manage ongoing activities, including triaging all opportunities; developing relationships with partners and potential partners; managing the partnerships pipeline; researching opportunities and selecting the most appropriate to be developed; creating and implementing realistic project plans and timelines; coordinating and managing multiple projects simultaneously;
  • Develop and track measures of success and create progress reports for all partnerships;
  • Create templates and processes for partnership deals and grants proposals enabling the Foundation volunteer community to initiate partnerships of its own;
  • Secure funding sources for partnerships, including grants;
  • Develop and maintain a database of partners and prospective partners;
  • Work closely with the head of fundraising and the head of business development;
  • Other duties as required.