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Position summary:

The Brazil National Program Director will lead work in Brazil to achieve a vision where every single Brazilian can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Working for the Wikimedia Foundation, the USA-based organization that runs Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects around the world, the Director will design and lead programs to catalyze growth in contributions to Portuguese Wikipedia and ensure all Brazilians can access Wikipedia. The Directors goal: A large and high quality Portuguese Wikipedia that is widely used across the country and is on par with the best Wikipedia projects around the world.

Wikipedia is the fifth most popular website in the world and the only major site that is operated as a not-for-profit and is build and run by volunteers. The Wikimedia Foundation employs a small staff to operate the technology behind the projects and pursue strategic programs that achieve the Wikimedia vision. Brazil was identified as a priority area for growth in Wikimedia’s strategic plan because of its large and growing population and the existence of a strong community of volunteers in Brazil and other lucophone countries who are committed to building Wikipedia in Portuguese and in Brazil.

The Brazil National Program Director will play a leading role in designing and leading programs to achieve Wikimedia’s goal in Brazil. This will include launching programs to bring Wikipedia into university classrooms, to inform Brazilians with knowledge to share on why they should contribute to Wikipedia, to market Wikipedia as a source of valuable knowledge, and to help distribute Wikipedia in offline versions. The Director will be an innovator who designs innovative programs and communications strategies to achieve Wikimedia’s goals.

The ideal candidate will be a mission-driven person who believes deeply in the potential of free knowledge to improve and enrich the lives of Brazilians. She/He needs to be a leader with high personal standards of excellence and the ability to both inspire people and make sure the details of programs are implemented flawlessly. This role requires someone who can manage their own time and that of their team without day-to-day supervision, as the Director’s supervisor will be based in the USA. It will be vital that the Director have a strong track record of success in prior career roles.

Position responsibilities

1. Lead the launch and growth of Wikimedia’s Global Education Program in Brazil in partnership with university faculty and Wikimedia community volunteers

2. Support the Portuguese Wikipedia community to make the project more welcoming to new contributors

3. Develop local partnerships that help to broaden the Wikimedia community and attract new groups as contributors:

  • Academia: Work with innovators within the academic community to introduce the power of contributing to Wikipedia to the discipline (e.g., sciences, social sciences, arts), both for knowledge sharing within the group and in sharing knowledge with society at large.
  • Professional associations/networks: Work with innovators in major professional fields (e.g. attorneys, engineers, doctors) to improve the information available on Portuguese Wikipedia both as a vital resource for professionals and for sharing knowledge with society at large
  • Free/Libre and open source software community: There is a close bond between Wikimedia and the F/LOSS community and this needs to be cultivated.
  • Schools: Develop partnerships with education ministries and NGO’s in education at the national and state level to ensure schools have access to Wikipedia, either online or offline
  • Mobile: Support the creation of partnerships with mobile service providers and mobile application developers within Brazil to strengthen Wikipedia’s mobile reach
  • Individuals: Establish connections to a group of advisors and friends of Wikimedia Brazil who can advise and support the team and community

4. Outreach in partnership with the Wikimedia volunteer community focused on expanding the Wikimedia community of contributors. This might include: Communications campaigned focused on national and major local media to build awareness Use social media marketing techniques to connect to new communities and encourage contributions to Wikipedia Article writing competitions

5. Support the relationship between the Wikimedia Foundation and the Brazilian community’s Chapter. This would include: Seeking close cooperation with the Chapter and joint activities when feasible Open and regular communications on activities and opportunities for collaboration Provide organizational support where needed for chapter-led programs and events Work with the Wikimedia Foundation grants team to provide funding for the Chapter’s activities Serve as an advisor and friend of the Chapter

6. Build and manage a program team of ~5 people to implement program activities in Brazil on the mission with the goal of transitioning the activities to a stable and well funded (independent of the WMF) organization that could be folded into the chapter or operate in close alignment with the chapter within 2-4 years. Open a small representative office in São Paulo and responsibly manage the affairs of the office including managing the budget and financial affairs for Wikimedia’s Brazil office.

7. Measure the impact of programs, document the implementation of programs and capture lessons for future activities as a core process of the Brazilian team. Regularly share progress and learning publicly.

8. Support the Global Development leadership team of the Foundation working with peers in other Countries and Directors of Mobile, Global Development Research and Communications

Characteristics of the Director

  • High energy for, drive and commitment to the Wikimedia mission: Deeply believes in the value of Wikimedia in the Brazilian context, exudes enthusiasm for the mission and can powerfully embody and communicate the mission
  • Intellectual curiosity and flexibility: Enjoy tackling difficult, ambiguous problems and able to incorporate new knowledge into how one approaches situations and generates solutions; loves learning from others and expanding intellectual horizons
  • Open and transparent: High level of integrity and comfortable working in a highly transparent fashion, open to input and feedback, proactive candid communicator who wants people to know what she/he is doing and isn't afraid to bring others in when things are off-track or when you need help. Can handle criticism in a mature fashion
  • Community builder: Essential that the leader see her/himself as a “servant leader” supporting the growth and health of the Wikimedia community in Brazil
  • Strong cultural competency: Able to navigate in a global movement and on a global team
  • Proficient manager: Able to design and execute on a range of initiatives; build, organize and manage a team of people; responsible use of resources (financial and human)
  • Data-driven: Is on top of the data about the projects in Brazil; subjects her/his own approaches and activities as well as those of the team to rigorous analysis; willing to stop doing things that prove to be ineffective based on the data
  • Partnership developer: Able to initiate, negotiate and operate partnerships that advance the Wikimedia mission in Brazil with a wide range of institutions across the public, NGO, philanthropic and private sector
  • Willing to travel: Regular travel within Brazil to engage Wikimedia communities and conduct outreach activities; Periodic international travel (2-4 trips per year)
  • Willing to flex schedule to operate within a global team: Be available for limited number of conference calls or email exchange some evenings weekly

Candidate background:

  • At least seven years of professional experience with a strong track record of success in high performance organizations
  • Experience as a manager in a collaborative community or organizational setting
  • Strong academic results from highly-regarded university
  • Strong understanding of the Internet and the forces that underpin the success of Wikipedia
  • Active participation as a Wikimedia volunteer would be an asset, though not a prerequisite (must be prepared to demonstrate knowledge of how Wikipedia works in interviews)
  • Demonstrated experience working in a global, multi-cultural team environment
  • Strong writer in Portuguese and English; must be fluent in English

Reports to

Chief Global Development Officer


The position will be based in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Please post your a CV and cover letter to with the reference VMMC94853 before November 30, 2011. CVs will be reviewed by Marcelo Marcondes.

Applications that do not include a cover letter will not be considered.