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Chapter notes

Overview Q3 2005

It seems the seed is giving fruit. After the creation of Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikimedia France, local chapters are flourishing throughout the world. After the creation of Wikimedia Italia in June 2005, it is the turn of Wikimedia Polska (Poland) to take flight. In the boiler, Wikimedia Srbja (Serbia), Wikimedia Brasil, Wikimedia United Kingdom, Wikimedia România and Wikimedia CH (Switzerland). In order to keep in touch with these exciting new comers, the Wikimedia Foundation appointed Delphine Ménard as m:chapter co-ordinator. The position, defined during a board-local chapters meeting during Wikimania includes the following tasks: working with the Chief Financial Officer on financial matters concerning the chapters and acting as a liaison between the Foundation Board and local chapters by ensuring information flow.

Wikimédia France

The association is slowly starting to take contacts with different organisations. We had a lengthy discussion with a photograph company, where we presented the concept of Wikipedia, talked about common current topics (including access issues to public domain work to take pictures or reproduce it). We will contact other similar organisations in the future. Our aim is to spread the word about Wikimedia projects in associations, organisations, companies, which can give us leads to meet people who can support us.

There were some nice articles in the French press about Wikipedia lately, including a one-pager in one of the big newspapers, Le Monde.

Wikimedia Poland

By Polimerek

The chapter represents the Polish and Cashubian Wikipedias and other Polish Wikimedia projects. The act forming the association was signed by 26 Wikimedians during the Wikimedia Polska 2005 Meetup in Kraków, which took place on August 14, 2005.

During the Meetup we have adopted our preliminary version of our bylaws, elected the association's authority bodies (The Board, Revision Committee and Internal Court) and discussed the future shape and goals of the Association.

After some negotiations with the Wikimedia Board we have made several changes to the preliminary version of the bylaws. Now (08.09.2005) all paperwork is finished and the application for formal registration was sent to the Registration Court in Lodz, on September 16, 2005.

Although the Association is in its organisation phase, we have already started our wiki-based webpage [1], mailing list [2] and IRC channel. Feel free to contact us through any of those media.

Wikimedia Deutschland

By ...

Wikimedia Italia

By ...

Wikimedia Russia

By Niklitov