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Statement of Purpose

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) is looking to build an end to end open source tool stack for Non-Roman language localization to support and promote contribution to Non-Roman language Wikimedia projects. The ideal candidate would promote and educate the larger open source developer community as well as Wikimedia projects community about development and deployment of localization tools for non-Roman language localization, and act as an interface with the developer team.

Scope of Work

  • Communicate about Wikimedia Foundation sponsored internationalization/localization projects to raise awareness, surface and organize feedback, and help inform development efforts, including:
    • Blog posts on the Wikimedia Foundation blog
    • Directly on relevant Wikimedia Foundation projects and mailing lists, as well as the bug tracking database
    • Outreach to other open source projects with overlapping interests
  • Interface with other open source projects and organizations in the internationalization/localization space, and help identify potential strategic partners
  • Regularly connect with the Wikimedia Foundation internationalization/localization engineering team to report key findings and opportunities
  • Present and publish about the impact of internationalization/localization work in compelling stories.

Term of Contract

The contract will commence on July 1, 2011 at the earliest, for a duration of 6 months. The contract will end on December 31, 2011 unless it is extended. Any content developed through this contract that is publicly shared will be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

Payments, Incentives, and Penalties

Rate will be determined by level of experience and expertise. Please submit bid proposal.

Required qualifications

Contractor should provide a letter with resume that indicates their qualifications to fulfill the requirements of the RFP.

Points of contact for future correspondence

Alolita Sharma, Engineering Program Manager
+1 (415) 839-6885 x 6714