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For a long time, I wanted to write and edit articles on Wikipedia. But, I hesitated before taking that first step. Then, something happened.

When I was a child at school, I asked my math teacher about a difficult problem. He pointed me to an answer that didn’t satisfy me. So, for two years, I worked almost every weekend to find a better solution. When I did, I discovered that my solution had been known for over 400 years.

This all came back to me when, one day on Wikipedia, I saw the same answer that my teacher gave me. It wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t right enough. That’s the moment I decided to start writing and editing on Wikipedia. Now every day, instead of watching TV, that’s what I do.

Writing on Wikipedia is fulfilling in many ways. There's an international community having fun doing something constructive – discovering a whole new way of bringing knowledge to others. And it's all there for free, without ads or any kind of agenda.

By donating to Wikipedia, we're paying for the benefits of using it and the fun we have when editing it. But your donation also helps preserve this project for all those who are unable to give money and for the generations of users to follow.

Wikipedia is free. Truly free. And donations from generous people like you are what keep the project up and running without having to charge people or resort to advertising.

I've already made my donation. You can help too. Take a moment right now to make your Wikipedia gift.


Joan Gomà

Barcelona, Catalonia