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About Kaltura

Kaltura is a New York-based pioneer in Collaborative Media, allowing groups of users to create rich-media projects together using video, audio, and animation, similarly to what wiki platforms enable with text. Kaltura's revolutionary concept of group-video-making provides the incentive and opportunity for people to 'lean forward' and create rich-media with friends and like-minded people. Kaltura's technology is implemented in the kaltura.com portal, available to all for free; and is also licensed to other websites, social networks, and brands for their customized and integrated use. Together, Kaltura's partners comprise the Kaltura Global Network, the world's largest network of re-mixable, shared and legal rich-media content, and creators. Founded in 2006, Kaltura's management and advisory team includes top notch advertising, marketing, and media executives as well as seasoned technology entrepreneurs, including co-founders of ICQ, Cyota, and Destinator Technologies.

Since its public launch in September 2007, Kaltura has won the People's Choice Award at both the TechCrunch40 event, and the Mashable Open Web Awards.

For more information visit www.kaltura.com or visit the Kaltura blog at www.kaltura.com/blog/. Users can also test the MediaWiki Collaborative Video functionality and provide feedback at www.kaltura.com/devwiki.