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Note: The only page that should use this template is Template:Fundraising2. Please see Template:Fundraising for a template intended for actual fundraising pages.



{{{account_holder_header}}} Wikimedia Foundation




Dexia bank/Banque Dexia
Pachecolaan 44/ 44, bvd Pacheco
1000 Brussels/1000 Bruxelles

SunTrust Bank
300 1st Ave South
St Petersburg, Florida 33701
United States

{{{account_number_header}}} {{{us_account_number_header}}}

IBAN BE43 0689 9999 9501

{{{account_number_others}}} 068-9999995-01

ABA/ACH# 061000104
A/C# 1000063663321
{{{swift_code_text}}} SNTRUS3A
A/C# 1000063663321