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Brad Patrick.

Wikimedia Foundation Announces Interim Executive Director
The Wikimedia Foundation has hired Brad Patrick as general counsel and interim executive director, where he will oversee its staff and operations. In this capacity he will lead the search for a permanent executive director to be in charge of administering the Wikimedia Foundation's activities, after which he will settle into his permanent role as general counsel. Read more... (12 June 2006)

The star articles display when they reach featured status.

English Wikipedia Announces Thousandth Featured Article
The Wikimedia Foundation announced today the 1000th featured article on the English Wikipedia. Featured articles are the best articles on Wikipedia, and are required to be comprehensive, factually accurate, and written from a neutral point of view. Read more... (8 June 2006)

Power outage on the 9th of April 2006
PowerMedium had some sort of network and/or power outage for about an hour from circa 19:20 UTC. Brion and his team restored the site as quickly as possible. The total editing-time outage was of 6 hours, 15 minutes. More technical information here from Brion Vibber. (Anthere 14:19, 12 April 2006 (UTC))

English Wikipedia publishes millionth article
The Wikimedia Foundation has announced the creation of the 1,000,000th article in the English language edition of Wikipedia. The article is about the Jordanhill railway station in Scotland. Wikipedia is a free, multilingual, online encyclopedia with 3.3 million articles under development in more than 125 languages. (N. Moreau, 8 March 2006)

Mediawiki software: the mythical Universal Login soon a reality
Brion, our head developer, visited Berlin to drop in on the 22C3 conference and get some face-to-face chatting done with some of our European folks (such as Magnus and JeLuf). He posted a report about that on Meta. (Anthere, 02 January 2006)