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Deryck Chan

Wikipedia offers me the opportunity to tell the whole world about the place I grew up: Lam Tin, a district in Hong Kong.

Maybe Lam Tin isn't the most special place in the whole world, but it is to me. I spent most of my life there. And whenever I go back to visit my family in Hong Kong, I stay in Lam Tin with them.

Lam Tin is a cosy community, but it's also got a lot of high rise buildings and shopping malls, and one of the biggest transport interchanges in Hong Kong.

Whenever my friends visit this district, I take them to a park on the hill where you can see the entire cityscape: from Wong Tai Sin to Kwun Tong to Lam Tin, to the shore with all the seafood places.

I've worked hard on that article. Now, when you search for Lam Tin on Google or Facebook, that Wikipedia article is the first one you’ll see. (And some other Wikipedians even translated it into Chinese.)

It’s a great feeling, and it reminds me that all the time spent on Wikipedia is worth it, because people are always reading what I write.

When I first started writing on Wikipedia, Wikipedia wasn’t so popular; it was still an experiment. Over the years, with the help of thousands of editors worldwide, it's grown from a small encyclopedia into the top internet reference website in the world.

However, the quest is far from finished. To keep going, we need your help.

Every one of us in the world has unique experiences. We speak different languages. We know unusual things.

Will you share your knowledge with us? It's the only way we can make Wikipedia complete.

Thank you,

Deryck Chan

Deryck Chan is a student at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. He was a founding member of the Wikimedia Hong Kong chapter in 2007, and is helping organize Wikimania 2013. Deryck enjoys meeting new people and learning about other cultures.

Image Attribution: Deryck Chan by Victor Grigas, under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported, from Wikimedia Commons.

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