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Noopur Raval

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One day, my mother asked me: "So, this Wikipedia. Could I read about the Kanchipuram sari?" I said: "Of course!" But I was wrong.

The Kanchipuram sari is named after a city in Tamil Nadu, a state in the southern part of India. Here, they produce the most intricate and exquisite silk sari. It's the kind of garment a bride might wear on her wedding day. Every woman in India knows about this sari.

But when I searched for it on Wikipedia, there was nothing. So I decided to write the article myself.

I learned how the Kanchipuram sari is made, and where. I discovered the challenges faced by the industry, as weavers who design by hand now face competition from mechanized assembly lines. It might just be a sari, but it tells a big story!

To date, more than 18,000 people have read my article. Some have even added their own information and sources.

We are building history's largest collection of human knowledge, and it's not limited to one place, or one people. No matter where you are, or who you are, you have something incredible to share.

Thank you,

Noopur Raval

Noopur is a 22-year-old student from Ahmedabad, pursuing a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies. In an effort to bring more voices to Wikipedia, Noopur is collaborating with the National Crafts Museum in New Delhi, helping staff members turn their expertise on Indian folk art into Wikipedia articles in Hindi and English. She hopes her work will inspire more women everywhere to share what they know by writing about it on Wikipedia.

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Video Attribution: The Impact of Wikipedia - Srikeit Tadepalli and Noopur Raval by Victor Grigas, under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported, from Wikimedia Commons.

Image Attribution: Noopur Raval by Karen Sayre, under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported, from Wikimedia Commons.


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