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Ravan Jaafar Altaie

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Today, there is a gap between the developing world and the developed world. It's not about money, and it's not about power. It's about knowledge.

If you follow the news, you probably remember reading about the Arab Spring. For young people like me and my friends, it was the beginning of a new era. As momentous events happened, we were obsessed with the news, following up second by second. We were checking our phones, Facebook, Twitter.

And I was writing on Wikipedia. I love Wikipedia because it's impartial; it's the best source for up-to-date information from a neutral point of view. I looked at CNN, Al Jazeera and the BBC, searching for the most reliable sources. Then I added updates in real time.

It's incredible. Everyone could know what was happening, as it happened. We could share the truth with people across the world.

We want a world that is more open, more educated, and more free. We want a world where knowledge is available to anyone that seeks it.

It's time for us to change our world. Will you help?

Thank you,

Ravan Jaafar Altaie

Ravan is a 26-year-old telecom engineer from Iraq. Her hobbies include reading, reading and more reading. She reads everything, from newspapers to novels. And when she learns something new, she writes about it on Arabic Wikipedia. She's catalogued the famous works of Leonardo da Vinci; she's written about the many moons of Jupiter. Her efforts help increase the amount of information available to Arabic speakers online.

Video Attribution: The Impact of Wikipedia - Ravan Jaafar Altaie by Victor Grigas, under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported, from Wikimedia Commons.

Image Attribution: Ravan Jaafar Altaie by Adam Novak, under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported, from Wikimedia Commons.

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