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For some people, Wikipedia is just another website they visit when they need information. And that's OK. But for me, Wikipedia is so much more.

Through Wikipedia’s community of volunteer editors, I’ve met some of my closest friends. I’ve visited these friends all over the world, traveling to seven countries. I’ve developed my skills in professionalism, communication, languages, helping me land a position as a PR manager at a tech company in Moscow.

My company works with RFID -- an exciting new technology. Customers often come to us, requesting technological solutions that don't currently exist. I realized most people don't understand RFID. To them, it seems like magic.

So, I decided to share this information on Wikipedia. At the time, only two books about RFID were available in Russian. I collected the best resources I could find, and wrote an easy-to-understand Wikipedia article.

I could have devoted my time to educating my company's customers only. But instead, I reached Russian speakers everywhere... anyone who wants to learn.

I'm young. I don't have much money. But I believe in helping others, however I can. On Wikipedia, I share my time, my enthusiasm, my knowledge.

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